Technology Links

Mac / Windows Integration - Cross Platform Issues and Solutions
  • MacWindows - The Web Site for Macintosh-Windows Integration Solutions 
  • Mac - Windows Tutorials - various topics on cross-platform sharing of files and resources
  • Online Tech Support - Database of over 4,500 questions and answers to common technology problems, sponsored by Indiana University.
  • Webopedia - Error messages and their meanings, computer and Internet terminology
  • - Defines hundreds of Internet terms in easy-to-understand language
  • Macintouch - Ric Ford's MacInTouch page contains up-to-the-minute information about software updates and upgrades, problems and solutions, industry trends, etc. 
  • MacFixIt - Ted Landau's MacFixIt page is another excellent Macintosh troubleshooting information source.
  • Microsoft Corporation - Their Knowledge Base of problems and solutions for Microsoft products such as Office, Word, Excel, etc., is excellent and highly recommended. 
  •   • Mactopia - Microsoft's Macintosh specific web presence.
  • Macintosh News Network - Macintosh-related news 
  • Macworld Online Magazine - Even more Macintosh-related news, tips and software.

Apple Troubleshooting
  • Apple Support  When in doubt, start here. Get the latest news, the hottest products and technical support resources straight from Apple — or check their dedicated sections on troubleshooting, tech exchange, software support, software updates, iMac issues, and the Tech Info Library. 
  • MacFixIt  Stop here for troubleshooting tips, hints, work-arounds and solutions of any sort. News about documented bugs, conflicts and problems with existing versions of popular software and hardware is also a site staple. 
  •  If Dave or the All Experts crew can't answer your question, you might want to dig through Everymac's extensive list of FAQs. They have tons of information on every specific Macintosh Apple (and most of the clone manufacturers) ever produced. 
  • MacInTouch  This is one of the most well regarded Mac sources on the Web. Folks looking for troubleshooting news or the latest Mac info often stop by this site first. 
  • Troubleshooting  Updated frequently, categorized and previewed, this is a great resource for the latest and greatest in Macintosh related problem solving. 
  • Mac Tech Article Archives  Browse through thousands of useful articles by topic covered in the print magazine.

    Educator's Resources
For Kids
  • Yahooligans - Web Search for Kids 
  • Enchanted Learning Software Home Page - Enchanted Learning produces children's educational web sites and games which are designed to capture the imagination while maximizing creativity, learning, and enjoyment. 
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