Fine Arts Opportunities

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Parsons USD 503 Fine Arts Opportunities

Parsons District Schools – USD 503
offers students many Fine Arts opportunities beginning in kindergarten and continuing through twelfth grade.


Elementary schools provide classes in art and music to all students.  The Suzuki Strings program, a class where students learn to play string instruments like violin, viola, cello. or bass, is available for interested students in grades K-5. 


Parsons Middle School sixth grade students may take beginning band or orchestra.  Sixth grade students may also take the Music for Life course.   Middle School 7th and 8th grade students that have completed beginning band may take marching band in the fall semester and concert band during the spring semester.  Orchestra continues to be available during 7th and 8th grade.  Middle School also offers Concert Choir and a Speech and Drama class to 7th and 8th grade students.


Parsons High School offers many opportunities in the Fine Arts.  These opportunities are in the Music Department,  the Art Department, the Language Arts Department, in Career and Technical Education, and the Drafting Area.  For example, In the Music Department students can participate in Band, Choir, and Orchestra. Band students perform in marching band and concert band.  Choir students perform in the Viking Concert Choir and can try out for Sweet Melodies and Music Company.  The Art Department offers students courses in Art, Ceramics, Drawing, and Painting.   Available in the Language Arts Department are courses in Debate, Forensics, and Drama.   The Career And Technical Education - Arts and Audio and Visual Communications area provides courses in Audio Video Production Fundamentals, Video Productions, 21st Century Journalism, Digital Media and Production, Graphic Design Fundamentals,  Photo Imaging, and Graphic Design.   Courses in Drafting, Production and Blueprint Reading, Drafting/CAD, Advanced Drafting/CAD, and Architectural Design are offered in the Drafting Area.


Elementary School Opportunities


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High School Opportunities


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